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Today Match Prediction Shpageeza Cricket League 15th August who will win

Mis Ainak Knights vs Speen Ghar Tigers, Band-e-Amir Dragons vs Kabul Eagles today match Prediction Report, ball by ball score, and toss prediction news, who will win this upcoming match which is being played on 15 August, 2016. On you will find today toss prediction; watch this match on Afghanistan local channel.

Shpageeza Cricket 2016 Today match prediction 15th AugustMis Ainak Knights vs Speen Ghar Tigers, Band-e-Amir Dragons vs Kabul Eagles will meet each other on Monday 15 August, 2016. These are the teams from Afghanistan and playing Shpageeza Cricket League 2016. The venue for these matches is Alokozay Kabul International Cricket Ground.

Today Match Prediction Shpageeza Cricket League Preview and Tips

Mis Ainak Knights vs Speen Ghar Tigers are playing the 13th match Of Shpageeza Cricket League and both teams are good and they are in high spirits. Mis Ainak Knights have played 4 matches and won 2 of them. They are on the 4th position in league rankings. On the other side Speen Ghar Tigers have played 4 matches and won only one of them. Mis Ainak Knights will win this match.

Band-e-Amir Dragons vs Kabul Eagles will meet each other in today’s 2nd match and the 14th match of Shpageeza Cricket League. Band-e-Amir Dragons is a good team and have played 4 matches so far and won 2 matches of them. On the other side Kabul Eagles have played and won 4 matches and they are on the top in league rankings.


  1. admin.. post scotland vs nedarland match..

    1. sorry scotland vs uAE


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    1. Tomorrow Who will Win???
      Amo shark vs Kabul
      BEAD vs MAK

      Pls Rply Fast….i m in loss pls help

  7. toss and match both r pass..
    shuvo ahmed….

  8. admin sir pls update quadragular series pls I hope u update today….

  9. Winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    Band-e-Amir Dragons won by 8 wickets
    Match (Passssssssssssss)
    Today Afghanistan League 2/2 Passed.

    1. Afghanistan League
      me 6 Match Predictions
      W W L W W W

    2. you r great bhai cngrts god blssd you

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    4. who will win scotlnd vs nedarland match?

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  10. bhai plzz predict karo jaldi


    ? ? 14th Match ? ?

    ?Band-e-Amir Dragons ? Kabul Eagles?

    ?Winner ➡ Band-e-Amir Dragons✔

    ?✅Sure Shot✅?

    ?No Chance 2 Loss?

    ?Suman Mian?

    1. challenge KABUL EAGLE

      everybody follow my prediction

    2. Winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
      Band-e-Amir Dragons won by 8 wickets
      Match (Passssssssssssss)
      Today Afghanistan League 2/2 Passed.

    3. scotland vs uae

    4. Tomorrow Who will Win???
      Amo shark vs Kabul

      BEAD vs MAK

      Pls Rply Fast….i m in loss pls help

  12. sry gussss…

    2day mach…
    kabul Eagles vs Band E Amir Dragon…

    Toss : Doesn’t matter…

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  13. second match prediction plZZ

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  15. todays shpageeza t20 match prediction
    match no 14..
    Kabul Eagles vs Band-e-Amir Dragons
    toss : Band-e-Amir Dragons(80%)
    match : Band-e-Amir Dragons
    100% sure
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    1. Band-e-Amir Dragon
      par by bro

  16. suman main please predict kabul vs bead amir match quickly

  17. ♥♥♥♥♥♥KABUL♥♥♥♥♥♥


  18. bhai plz
    Kabul Eagles VS Band-e-Amir toss nd match prediction karo bhai plzz

  19. today macth Band-e-Amir Dragons
    Kabul Eagles toss win ??????????????

  20. Band-e-Amir Dragons
    Kabul Eagles toss plzzzzz ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  21. whr is top toss predictor plz cmnt fast

  22. hlw every one hw r u…todays 2nd match amir vs kabul…very intersting nd tite game…kabul is so good both side…but today they are failed..

    toss – amir
    match – amir

    choice is urs guys…
    best of luck for everyone..
    shuvo ahmed….

    1. toss nd match both r pass
      shuvo ahmed

  23. #Today Shpageeza T20 match prediction #

    match number 14th.

    ☆Band- e -amir dragons vs kabul Eagles ☆

    Match :kabul Eagles

    key players : Asghar stanikzai, (C), MOhammad Shahzad, Karim janat, Rashid khan, MOhammad Sami.

    ….. …. …. …. ….. …. …. Khaza Baba. …. …. …. …. …. ….

  24. Knights Nd eagal todays match winners

    1. Band-e-Amir Dragons
      Kabul Eagles wich toss winn ?????????????

  25. 14th Match :
    at Alokozay Kabul International Cricket Ground

    Band-e-Amir Dragons


    Kabul Eagles

    Toss: Kabul Eagles
    Match: Kabul Eagles

  26. Mr Senior Predictor Sandeep

    Match tu ……

    Tigers Jita hu bhai,,,,,,

  27. Herry post koro

  28. ♥♥♥♥♥Mis ainak knights♥♥♥♥♥
    sure shot


  29. Where r u suman main bhai

  30. Tigers_132all out knight_134/2 knight won 8wickets

  31. 1st match

    Winner =Speen Ghar Tigers

  32. Suman Mian August Vai early perdcted


    ? ? 13th Match ? ?

    ?Mis Ainak Knights ? Speen Ghar Tigers?

    ?Winner ➡ Mis Ainak Knights✔

    ?✅Sure Shot✅?

    ?No Chance 2 Loss?

    ?Suman Mian?

    1. suman dragon vs eagle me kon jitega plz batado

    2. Please match prediction..

    3. Nxt match predict plz early

    4. Mis Ainak Knights won by 6 wickets
      Match……… (Passssssssssssssss)

    5. who will in bead vs kabul
      n great u man

    6. Wht abt nxt match

    7. Vai earley pedcted…. I loss every think

    8. challange KABUL EAGLE


  34. nakla please early

  35. Admin sir pls prediction

  36. Who will win this match??
    Sandeep bro

  37. Suman mian were are you??

  38. Tiger and band amir will win for sure.

  39. Whi will win ??

  40. Mis ainak knights vs speen ghar tigers
    toss : any one
    match : mis ainak knights.
    100% sure
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  41. = Mis Ainak Knights
    Speen Ghak Tigers
    Match=S G T {100%} @@@সেলিম খান @@@
    রংপুর সাহাপুর

  42. 1.mis Anika Knights
    2.kabul eagles

  43. #Today shpageeza T20 match prediction #

    ☆Speen ghar tigers vs Mis Ainak knights ☆

    Match : Speen ghar tigers

    key players : shabbir Noori, Samiullah Shenwari, Nasir jamshed, Karim Sadiq, Ikram Faizi,Awais zia.

    ………………………… Khaza Baba. …………………………….

  44. shapageeza cri leauge mach no 13

    Miss Anik knight vz speen Ghar Tigers…

    Toss: Doesn’t matter…

    Mach:Miss Anik knight…

    *2nd Mach…

    kabul Eagles vs Band _E_ Amir Dragons…

    Toss: Doesn’t Matter…
    Mach: Band _E_ Amir Dragons…

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  45. Mis Ainak Knights VS Speen Ghar Tigers



    dragons vs Eagles

    yesterday i cant predict bec my friend has death

  46. >>> Shpageeza Cricket League <<> 13th Match <<
    *Mis Ainak Knights* vs *Speen Ghar Tigers* at Kabul
    Toss ~ *Mis Ainak Knights* (99.99%)
    Match ~ *Mis Ainak Knights* (1000%)
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    1. alamgeer bhai plz
      eagles vs dragons toss nd match prediction karo

  47. Shpageeza leaugh T_20
    anika night vs tigets
    if bat first both..
    night_152/all out
    probably win _Tiger,80%
    dragon vs Kabul eagle
    probably win_Eagle,90%

  48. Mis Ainak Knights VS Speen Ghar Tigers.
    Match: MAK win 100%

    Kabul Eagles VS Band-e-Amir Dragons.
    Match: Band-e-Amir Dragons100% 100%
    Play Huge.

    1. Band-e-Amir Dragon
      ai run chase korty parby

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