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Today Match Prediction Ball By Ball CPL 2018

A True Astrology Match Prediction with Cricket Live Score CPL 2018

Today Match Prediction Shpageeza Cricket League 14th August who will win

Band-e-Amir Dragons vs Mis Ainak Knights, Boost Defenders vs Kabul Eagles today match Prediction Report, ball by ball score, and toss prediction news, who will win this upcoming match which is being played on 14 August, 2016. On you will find today toss prediction; watch this match on Afghanistan local channel.

Shpageeza Cricket 2016 Today match prediction 13th AugustBand-e-Amir Dragons vs Mis Ainak Knights, Boost Defenders vs Kabul Eagles will meet each other on Sunday 14th August, 2016. These are the teams from Afghanistan and playing Shpageeza Cricket League 2016. The venue for these matches is Alokozay Kabul International Cricket Ground.

Today Match Prediction Shpageeza Cricket League Preview and Tips

Band-e-Amir Dragons vs Mis Ainak Knights are playing the 11th match Of Shpageeza Cricket League and both teams are good and they are in high spirits. Band-e-Amir Dragons have played 3 matches during this league and won 2 of them. They have 4 points and they are on number 3 in League rankings. On the other side Mis Ainak Knights have played 3 matches and won only one match of them. They have 2 points and their ranking in League is number 5. Band-e-Amir Dragons will win this match.

Boost Defenders vs Kabul Eagles will meet each other in today’s 2nd match and the 12th match of Shpageeza Cricket League. Both teams are not equally strong in this match. Boost Defenders is the weakest team of this league with zero win out of 3 previous matches. On the other side Kabul Eagles have played and won all of their three matches and they are the top team of this league with 6 points. Kabul Eagles will win this match against Boost Defenders.

Next Match:

Today Match Prediction Shpageeza Cricket League

  • Rudraksh

    Netherland. Vs nepal
    Win * netherland
    Band amir dragons vs kabul
    Win *band amir dragons

  • cool man

    another success


    today 25/08/2016

    Netherland vs Nepal

    Netherland win this match

    no confusion

    sure shot


  • Mr. Allrounder

    Dear admin Plz try to post match forum before match day night. plz

  • Rocky (MAHADEV bada vala Fan)




  • looser

    Hey .. can any one predict….
    Nederland vs Nepal..

    I am always losing bros.
    Need some maybe winning. …
    Pls guys

    • RK PATIL

      netherland will win match 100% sure

  • Rocky (MAHADEV bada vala Fan)

    Kaha pade ho chakr me koi nhi hai takar me —–PAK TEST MATCH WON…..MAHADEV Power??…….

  • cool man

    yahoo sure shot means sure shot

    two match win today

    Mis Ainak knights=pass


    cholo…..tomorrow milte hay.

  • Suman Mian

    Kabul Eagles won by 36 runs (Pass)

  • shakil

    wgo will win
    already 3 wicket gone

  • Sardar Khan

    koi mujhe btayega ki Najeeb Tarakai t20 ka player h yaa galli cricket ka…

  • cool man

    win match

    sure shot


  • sahi me

    BOost defenders will win the match

  • ……NAKLA…..



    • knowledge is power

      Kabul win the match…….

      M.o.m…. Mohammad sami

  • Admin fan

    Giving the post in time sir

  • Selim Khan

    Match=kabwl Egale

  • khaza Baba

    #Today Shpageeza T20 match prediction #

    ☆kabul Eagles vs Boost Defenders ☆

    Match :Boost Defenders

    key players : Bismillah khan, Fazal Zazai, khalid latif, Najibullah zadran. Baqibillah.

    …. ……… …… …..Khaza Baba … … … … … … … … … … …

  • Suman Mian


    ? ? 12th Match ? ?

    ?Boost Defenders ? Kabul Eagles?

    ?Winner▶ Kabul Eagles✔

    ??Sure Shot??

    ?No Chance 2 Loss?

    ?Suman Mian?

    • Suman Mian

      Kabul Eagles won by 36 runs (Pass)

    • Sureshbabu

      Bro wht abt tomorrow match???

  • New prediction from Bangalore

    Kabol win the match

  • Shikari

    Mis Ainak Knights Win Report (Pass)

    2Nd Match

    Toss: Boost Defenders (Bat)

    Match : Boost Defenders (Jackpot )

    Run:: 165+

    Kabul Eagles Lost (((( don’t Chase)

  • Shuvo ahmed

    hlw everyone hw r u???hpefully u all r so well by the grace of almighty Allah..

    todays nxt match kabul vs boost…both team are good batting and balling side…but kabuls balling side was much better from boosts…

    toss – kabul
    match – kabul

    choice is urs guys..
    best of luck for everyone..
    shuvo ahmed….

  • MD: RONY

    kabul eagles vs boost defenders.
    toss: boost defenders
    match:boost defenders
    no confusion.
    So go with boost defenders.
    it’s my first predictions for this tournament…..


    1 Match:- Pass

    2 Match:- One And Onle Kabul Eagles Win The Match


  • Sahi me

    In kabul eagles vs boost defenders the team batting second will win .

  • venki

    suman mian please predict second match quickly kabul vs boost match

  • mon

    mis ainak win report passed

  • mon

    mis ainak win report passed…

  • pipilika of cricket

    first bat win 2nd match between Kabul and boost 100% sure

  • ……NAKLA…..

    win win win

    report pass_ mak_ win


  • Shikari

    Admin sir please Published my report

  • sahi me

    yeah report passed mis ainak knights win wait for next almost confirmed tip

  • sahi me

    In northern knights vs north west warrior northern knights will win

  • Shikari

    Band-e-Amir Dragons vs Mis Ainak Knights

    Toss: Mis Ainak Knights

    Match :Mis Ainak Knights

    Run : 140 +

    Mis Ainak Knights win Easily

  • shailu

    suman main bhai 69 5 wkts dragons win hota ?

  • # winner winner chicken dinner #

    Where is sandip bro ???

    Please predict early ….

  • Sports Business Man (Jaydar)

    Shpageeza Cricket League
    11th Match: Band-e-Amir Dragons v Mis
    Ainak Knights at Kabul – Aug 14, 2016
    Band-e-Amir Dragons 32/3 (8.3/20 ov)
    Noor-ul-Haq 2* (5)
    Hashmatullah Shahidi 6* (22)
    Gulbadin Naib 2.3-0-6-1
    Nawroz Mangal 1-0-3-0
    Last bat: Ibrahim Zadran c Zia-ur-Rehman
    b Gulbadin Naib 1 (4) Fall of wicket: 22/3
    (4.3 ov)
    Mis Ainak Knights won the toss and
    elected to field

  • khan


  • cool man

    Mis ainak knights win this match

    sure shot

    big jackpot


    • sajid

      what about second match

  • ……NAKLA…..

    mak will win


  • Admin fan

    Suman Bhai r u confirm dragons win the match reply me fast ppz

  • Roonet

    any have from afgansthan ….I need a live score from afgansthan wapsite… Any one know , any wapsite,

    • Hera pheri


  • sahi me

    Mis ainak knights will win because zia ur rehman is playing so just go with mis ainak knights

  • Suman Mian


    ? ? 11th Match ? ?

    ?Band-e-Amir Dragons ? Mis Ainak Knights?

    ?Winner▶ Band-e-Amir Dragons✔

    ??Sure Shot??

    ?No Chance 2 Loss?

    ?Suman Mian?

    • Kalyana

      Plz predict early brother as early as possible……

    • sajid

      bro try to give the second one as early as possible.tnx

    • BetterGuru

      What Suman.. …seems like very low scoring game.may be 2nd batting will win this. Wrong prediction.

    • biki

      Where is your second one?

    • uppi @

      Suman mian I’m full loss today fast match so plz give right predict of second match

  • Admin fan

    Suman main Bhai plz predict early u r genious I’m waiting for u r prediction

  • mon

    mis ainak knight will win the match…..and bost deffender will win the match….open challege….(jackpot day)

  • ফিক্সিং বস

    Band-e-Amir Dragons win

  • raj

    pls admin post quadragular series …. pls pls

    • jb

      I will update today because next match is tomorrow

    • sajid

      admin plzz try to add u19 serious a humble reqst…plz plzz

    • jb

      sure. I will add the next match

  • Suhad

    Knights and boost win for sure

  • Suhad

    Knights and boost will win for sure.

  • Dhrubo

    Admin,where’s the sct vs uae match prediction?plz post early

  • Kalyana

    Dear Suman Mian plz predict early if possible plz predict before 9.00 am and 1.00 pm(afgan league)

  • Suman Mian

    Yesterday Afghanistan League
    2/2 Passsssssss….
    Kabul Eagles (Pass)
    Amo Sharks (Pass)
    Australia A Win Repprt (Pass)
    Next Match Morning 10.30am (BD Time)
    Band-e-Amir Dragons vs Mis Ainak Knights
    Winner→→→ Coming SooN…

    • Kalyana

      Dear Suman Mian plz predict as early as possible…..

    • sajid

      where is prediction boss

    • the boss of prediction

      fast prediction today match I am in big loss. plz fast

    • Sureshbabu

      Suman bro come fast

  • lucky

    Pls sluma brother we are waiting your prediction .’


    1 Match:- 2nd Bating Win The Match


    • sudheer

      Bro next match update

  • lcky

    Pls brother prd early iam waiting..

  • Want To know Prediction…

    Suman Mian ….. Bro Plz Predict Early.. we all are waiting For Your Prediction…

    • Narendra

      . Bro Plz Predict Early.. we all are waiting For Your Prediction…

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