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Today match prediction 10 June NatWest T20 Blast who will win

Somerset v Surrey Worcestershire v Northamptonshire Gloucestershire v Glamorgan Lancashire v Leicestershire Essex v Middlesex Sussex v Kent Warwickshire v Yorkshire Nottinghamshire v Derbyshire NatWest T20 Blast today prediction report Match Preview Who Will Win on Friday June 10, 2016. Hampshire vs Kent today toss prediction, where to watch live match on Sky Sports.NatWest T20 Blast who will win

Somerset v Surrey Worcestershire v Northamptonshire Gloucestershire vs Glamorgan Lancashire v Leicestershire Essex v Middlesex Sussex v Kent Warwickshire v Yorkshire Nottinghamshire v Derbyshire will face each other in the match of NatWest T20 Blast 2016 on Friday. This match will live broadcast on Sky Sports

Today match prediction NatWest T20 Blast who will win

Somerset v Surrey would be a little bit one sided match surrey is in a comfortable position while Somerset is facing continuous defeats. Surry has won 3 matches out of 4 and Somerset has lost 2 matches out of three. Somerset would play in a great pressure which will definitely affect their confidence and game. In my opinion Surrey will be the winner of this match.

Worcestershire v Northamptonshire will be an interesting match for all the supporters and fans of both teams. Both the teams are performing well in this tournament and have won 3 matches each. There would be an awesome competition to watch in this game. Both teams are confident and their energy levels are high. There are half chances to win this match for both teams.

Gloucestershire vs Glamorgan is a match which is being played between the teams of South Group. Both teams are giving brilliant performance and have won 3 matches each. The Net Run Rate of Glamorgan is high as they have won their matches with huge margins on the other side the Net Run Rate of Gloucestershire is lesser than Glamorgan. This would be very tough match for both teams but there are more chances that Glamorgan will win this game.


Lancashire v Leicestershire would be a match between two teams of North Group. In this match the position of Leicestershire is stronger than the other. It has won 2 matches out of 4 and its Net Run Rate is also high. On the other side Lancashire has won only 1 match out of 4 matches so it shows that Lancashire would not be able to give a tough time to the Leicestershire in the this match. So it is obvious that a team which is in form and have won more matches will win this match.

Essex v Middlesex would be an outstanding competition between two teams of South Group. Essex has played 3 matches and won only one on the other side Middlesex has played 2 matches and won only one but its Net Run Rate is very high. Both the teams are equally strong but more chances are that Middlesex can defeat Essex in this match.

Sussex v Kent would be an interesting match to see live. Sussex has played 3 matches till now and won 2 matches so they are confident to defeat any team in the future match. They are fully hopeful and energetic to win this game against Kent. Kent is also in a good position to fight with 2 wins out of 4. In this Sussex has more chances to win this game.

Warwickshire v Yorkshire seems a match that would be completely one sided as Warwickshire is in a good form and winning matches on the other side Yorkshire has lost all of their three matches. So you can say that Warwickshire will win this game easily if they play well.

Nottinghamshire v Derbyshire is a match that would be played between 2 teams of North Group. Derbyshire has won 2 matches out of their three matches so they are in full confidence to compete in this match. And they will definitely play a good game. On the other side Nottinghamshire has won only one match out of 3. So they are in a weak position and they will play under pressure. In this situation it is easy for Derbyshire to win this match.


  • 111

    Dear admin

    Very good job by u opening Eurocup I will predict Eurocup matches
    Hope I win dem with correct score

    I can’t find royal London cup for today !!


  • Sandeep

    My yesterday report
    Lancashire vs Leicester
    Toss pass
    Match pass
    Warwickshire vs Yorkshire
    Match :abounded
    Essex vs middlesex
    Toss : pass
    Match :fail
    Glamorgan vs Gloucestershire
    Toss :fail
    Match : pass
    Sussex vs Kent
    Toss ;fail
    Match : pass

  • prediction baba

    Hey guys i m back
    get ready for today’s action
    match-nottinghamshire vs derby
    101% confirm
    get your money double

    • the lucky man

      Baba ji ki jai ho jai ho babaji ki
      Babaji aaj bhi meko aap ka galat lagta hai aaj meko lagta hai

      Winner – DERBYSHIRE

  • ram

    update commnts plz

  • Deepak boss

    Warcs vs nor

  • Deepak boss

    Mom vs sur kon win

  • Ricky Clark

    Guys today’s winner team r..

    Match-Nottinghamshire, Lancashire, Middlesex, Surrey, Warwickshire, Sussex, Glamorgan n Northamptonshire will win today’s match..

  • ABHI (The Predictor)

    Somerset VS Surrey
    Toss ~ Somerset
    Match ~ Somerset
    Worcestershire VS Northamptonshire
    Toss ~ Northamptonshire
    Match ~ Northamptonshire
    Gloucestershire VS Glamorgan
    Toss ~ Gloucestershire
    Match ~ Glamorgan
    Lancashire VS Leicestershire
    Toss ~ Leicestershire
    Match ~ Leicestershire
    Warwickshire VS Yorkshire
    Toss ~ Yorkshire
    Match ~ Yorkshire
    Essex VS Middlesex
    Toss ~ Middlesex
    Match ~ Middlesex
    Sussex VS Kent
    Toss ~ Sussex
    Match ~ Sussex
    Nottinghamshire VS Derbyshire
    Toss ~ Nottinghamshire
    Match ~ Derbyshire

  • Deepak boss

    Som vs sur


    1) Worcestershire(1000001%)
    2) Somerset(1000001%)
    3) Leicestershire(1000000001%)
    4) Gloucestershire(10000001%)
    5) Warwickshire(10000001%)
    6) Essex(100000001%)
    7) Kent, (100000001%)
    8) Nottinghamshire (100000001%)
    8) LAST 13 TOSS 10 PASS

    • Dhhhh


    • Fan of xxx bingo

      Only two match pass

  • Deepak boss


  • Sandeep

    Warwickshire vs Yorkshire
    Toss :Yorkshire

    Lancashire vs Leicester
    Toss :Lancashire
    Match :Lancashire

    Glamorgan vs Gloucestershire
    Toss :Gloucestershire
    Match :Glamorgan

    Kent vs Sussex
    Toss :Kent
    Match :Sussex

  • Sandeep

    After long break I am coming back frnds today winning teams are

    WORCTERSHIRE VS Northamptonshire
    Toss :Northamptonshire
    Match :Northamptonshire

    Somerset vs Surrey
    Toss :Surrey
    Match :Somerset

    Derby vs Nottingham
    Toss :Derby
    Match :Derby

    Essex vs middlesex
    Toss :middlesex
    Match :Essex

  • rakib hasan

    today who will win this match

  • MAQ Yaad

    10 june 2016
    Natwest T20 blast

    Almost sure match


    confused match


    50 50 chance match


    Ami bangali
    ami gorbo kori ami bangali

    never won all home teams in a day..

    so my equation 5 home 3 away

    100 % sure at least 5 home teams are winner within today’s 8 match…

    All the best


  • AJAY ( The Predictor With Confidence)

    Today Natwest T20 Blast. My Prediction for today matches are.

    Somerset vs Surrey
    ? Match: Surrey

    Worcestershire vs Northants
    ? Match: Northants

    Gloucestershire vs Glamorgan
    ? Match: Glamorgan

    Lancashire vs Leicestershire
    ? Match: Lancashire

    Warwickshire vs Yorkshire
    ? Match: Warwickshire

    Essex vs Middlesex
    ? Match: Middlesex

    Sussex vs Kent
    ? Match: Kent

    Nottinghamshire vs Derbyshire
    ? Match: Derbyshire

  • Deepak boss

    Warks vs Yorks kon win

  • Deepak boss

    Worcs vs nor

  • Mgn 007

    Pls predict me who will win in Nottingham vs Derbyshire

  • Deepak boss

    Notts vs derby
    Ho win

    • AJAY ( The Predictor With Confidence)

      Derby is in very good condition after winning two game. So take chance on Derby and the opposite side Nottinghamshire won only one match so use your mind and take your decision to follow whom.

  • Parvej rahman

    Now I give my prediction
    1. North
    Lagao bazi paisa usul hoga 10000000000% sure…. Parvej

  • prabhu tez

    back to back friends :
    see my prediction it’s a BANG BANG
    remember: PRABHU TEZ

  • krakkizzz

    Where is bingo

  • New boss

    Somerset – Surry —————-> Somerset win 100% Tips # New boss

  • Master

    Need predictions on Nottinghamshire vs Derbyshire.

  • Danger Boy ★★★

    Natwest T20 Blast

    Somerset vs Surrey
    ♠Match: Surrey

    Worcestershire vs Northants
    ♠Match: Worcestershire

    Gloucestershire vs Glamorgan
    ♠Match: Glamorgan

    Lancashire vs Leicestershire
    ♠Match: Lancashire

    Warwickshire vs Yorkshire
    ♠Match: Warwickshire

    Essex vs Middlesex
    ♠Match: Middlesex

    Sussex vs Kent
    ♠Match: Sussex

    Nottinghamshire vs Derbyshire
    ♠Match: Derbyshire

    • MD sharif alam

      vai 100% prediction koro Kew ami onek loss e aci….

    • Deepak boss

      100%shi hai na

    • fakir

      Nottinghamshirevsdrbyshirew drb win

    • Deepak boss

      Ind vs zim
      Ast vs suth
      Net blast t20 today 11jun

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