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PSL T20 2017 Karachi Kings Squad Team Players

PSL T20 2017 Karachi Kings Squad

The expectations from Karachi Kings were rather high from almost everyone in the country, but the team was not able to live up to them, leaving behind the entire province of Sind disappointed. But a new year is coming and with it brings the dawn of another series of the PSL 2017 tournament.PSL T20 2017 Karachi Kings Squad

The expectations are set high again and rightfully so with the highly professional players present on the team; it would be more than a disappointment if the team loses like the last time. With a great blend of both national and foreign players, Karachi Kings is equipped with some of the best players on the team. The stats of the team are looking good; now only time will determine their actual performance. According to Pakistan Super League 2017 Schedule, the opening match will be on 9th Feb 2017.

We understand that you must e curious to know who the squad consists of, so without further ado, we reveal the 16 member team of Karachi Kings.

Karachi Kings Squad

Chris Gayle

One of the best players in the world, Chris Gayle, is a superb batsman known to hit many sixes and fours. He is a Jamaican cricketer who plays on an international scale for West Indies. He is also recognized for the huge number of records set during his career.

Shoaib Malik

The captain of Karachi Kings, Shoaib Malik is one of the best players on the Pakistani national team; he is also the former captain of the team. His debut was made in 1999 from where he kicked off his career to stand where he is now.

Kieron Pollard

Initially playing for West Indies, Kieron comes from Trinidad. He is a great batsman who is known to hit the ball far away from the field; he is also an aggressive all-rounder; his bowling is considered medium paced.

Mohammad Amir

A Pakistani cricketer, Mohammad Amir, plays like a fast bowler for his team. He is usually assigned to open the bowling for his team in every format of the game.

Ravi Bopara

An English cricketer, Ravi plays for England as well as Essex. He plays immensely well as an all-rounder bowler and a batsman of the top order.

Kumar Sangakkara

This Sri Lankan cricketer is one of the best on the team and is also the captain of the national team as well. He has excellent batting skills.

Imad Wasim

A national cricketer, Imad Wasim is a Pakistani welsh cricketer. He has been playing since almost 2006 and is known to be one of the best cricketers. He also played first class for Pakistan and in various tournaments.

Babar Azam

He has been nicknamed as Babar Sher, which means a big lion. He is one of the greatest underrated players that Pakistan has and is known for his techniques and skills for the game.

Ryan McLaren

A professional South African cricketer, Ryan is known to play all formats of the game and on an international as well as national level. He is a fantastic fast bowler and batsman and is known to be a tough one to beat on the field.

Sohail Khan

A national cricketer, Sohail is a right armed bowler. He is one of the fastest bowlers on the team and is known for his skills. He was highlighted when he made his first debut in 2007, during this time he broke Fazal Mahmood’s record of the best bowling figures in a first-class match by a Pakistani.

Shahzaib Hasan

This Pakistani cricketer has been playing for domestic teams since 2008. He is a good player known to perform well during a match.

Saifullah Bangash

Being a first class cricketer, Saifullah has played many domestic tournaments and also played for Karachi Kings in PSL 2016.

Khurram Manzoor

Khurram Manzoor is a Pakistani international cricketer. He is a right-hand opening batsman who also bowls off-spin, and he made his first-class cricket debut in the 2003–04 season before representing

Kashif Bhatti

Playing for the Hyderabad team of Pakistan, Kashif Bhatti is considered to be a first class player with ideal skills for the game.

Abrar Ahmed

This youngster is new to the league; he is known for this left-handed batting skills.

Abdul Hameed

Abdul Hameed plays as a batsman and a medium to a fast bowler. He makes a great addition to the team as he has had a lot of experience in the game.


Updated: February 1, 2017 — 5:39 pm

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